Open Capture
Rubin Museum of Art, New York
October 14, 2014

The gesture of data is a performance that transduces the everyday into the schematized—an exchange of time for space. With Open Capture, observers watch for particular behaviors in the crowd. When they see what they’re looking for, they click—sounding out the museum’s architecture and shaping it into an auditory “data center.” The momentary disruptions of these impulses break our continuous conversations into the discrete, and we’re confronted not only with the physical reverberations of the data space, but with the strange authority and/or subordination that is the observant bodies of the samplers.

Performers: Tyra Jackson, Claire Johannes, Callie Lyons, Jason Rabie, Carlin Wing. Camera and production: Jordan Beard. Host: Data & Society. Curator and many thanks: Ingrid Burrington.