Arrangement for Building
An orchestra synced in time, but distributed in space
A Question of Style
Experiments with the affect of infrastucture
Fight Logic
Boxing and music as the excess of symbolic execution
A lightbulb that live-tweets overheard conversations
Quotidian Record
Vinyl record with 365 days of location data mapped to 365 rotations worth of music
What Does the Internet Sound Like?
An imaginary sonic epistemology
Open Capture
The database as a sound performance that transduces gestures into space
Forty-eight to Sixteen
The biometrics of a bike commute performed on cello
Eternal Portraits
Framed face recognition template data from Facebook
...Take My Word for It
Black box data from a controversial crash becomes a polytempic score
The path of a stolen phone is recreated through Google Street View
Change Ringing FM
An hourly broadcast chimes events from the surrounding geography
Automatic Browser
Browsing for you, just like you would
Anonymously link your browsing with that of another person
An interactive mirror surface that reflects your personal data
A secure data locker for personal location information
Trying the Hand of God
Participants reenact Maradona's "Hand of God" soccer goal from the 1986 World Cup
Deconstruction and mass for instrumental trio
MOCA Grand Prix
Knifeandfork invites participants to race remote-control cars through MOCA's collection
A dictionary of urban research
A location-based narrative is told through text-messaging on the trains of Berlin's Ringbahn
The Trace
Compositions utilizing experimental percussion in seven environments
Yellow Arrow
Street art and mobile social software about the local and the global
Weather or Yr Memories
Urban sound and video montage captured via mobile phone