Yellow Arrow
Christopher Allen, Brian House, and Jesse Shapins 2004
p55j by new612135 Rivington, Manhattan, NYThe city does not tell its story, but contains it, like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets. thankx, Swoon
6085a by zoetropeOxley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
f1sw by mattaBlåsbortveien, Oslo, Norway
jgm1 by fortunaPorto, PortugalThe best drugstore in the area.Since im young, Mr.Fernando receive all the people with funny and happyness!A nice store to visit!
t2aw7 by cook44th Street @ 7th Avenue, Manhattan, NYStand facing this arrow and you'll hear the best urban symphony of your life.
t308t by sirHC39th Street @ 12th Avenue, Manhattan, NYThis tree is my public sundial. I tell the seasons by its shadows.
m7a07 by mcbobPiazza South Maria Novella, Florence, ItalyUnconventional Florence: (allegedly) the best newstand to get *quality* adult material. If such a thing exist! Tours dont stop here by the way.
t2d05 by new61289 Rivington, Manhattan, NYEvery Sunday your grandfather and I would go to the Lower East Side to buy pickles from the street vendors. Are they still there?
bfkm by newurban656 Mass Avenue, Boston, MACentral Sq rocks! Red line T=yippee! Couldnt they hose down the streets like they do in Barcelona? I just happened to run over the car. Starbucks?
bhcr by h0useGöteborg, Göteborg, SwedenWhat monologue do I have for the ancient theater?
bp68 by urbsmraiIkebukuro, Tokyo, Bunkyoku, Japana traditional japanese daily menu repainted to reflect the specials of the day. just point and smile
da0w2 by h0useEast Colfax @ Jasmine, Denver, COAnnie has the one store on east colfax that doesnt change. she gave me $5 for a summers worth of scavenging, but it was a fortune anyway.
e80d by h0useLindholmen, Göteborg, SwedenThis is the very first txtable Yellow Arrow ever. It's still there.
eatd by jshapesAvenida Michoacan Y Vicente Suarez, Mexico City, MexicoThe market bldg in La Condesa is one of the my favorites in the city. Clean curves embody the best aspects of Modernism.
eya0 by ImaginarBoquía, Salento, Quindío, ColombiaEn el puente de Boquía pasó el tren en 1946 una vez con promesas modernistas. hoy escenario arquitectónico y paisajístico oculto.
4nbf by Skat500 Cortland Avenue, San+Francisco, CAThis library doesnt make it into the tourist guidebooks. But go in and look. Its a relic of SFs 1930s civic optimism. Very cool.
fvzt by urbsmraiHatchiko, Tokyo, Shibuya, Japandedicated to the dog that waited@the bus stop every day 4 its master2come home.the master died at work and hatchiko stayed waiting until her death.
gdiy by h0useGöteborg, Swedensolace set to flinty
hjzi by renzoHötting, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austriadas stadtzentrum
4ei5 by lukedLower City, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africathis is harrington st. during the week they think in a box. some sundays are artistic -but this is closing. I wonder what everyone else is doing
i5uj by renKossuth Tér, Budapest, Hungaryand there's a bullet-mark memorial remembering the '56 revolution. Was bloody too...
jf46 by katag1000lecie, Katowice, Katowice, PolandBIO róznorodnoæc -- jak sie zyje w
jgt4a by sirHC205 East Houston Street, Manhattan, NYEtymology: Yiddish pastrame, from Romanian pastrama. A highly seasoned pressed smoked beef prepared especially from shoulder cuts.
jxvg by LeSiStrand, Scheveningen, Netherlandsachtung! landeplatz für windsurfer! bitte nicht stören...
jy36 by h0useBerlin, GermanyIn Paris they have rubber tires, in Budapest they come in ancient yellow and communist blue, in Berlin they go straight through.
k198 by lx97Calle Zapallar, ChileMy grandparents beachhouse in Zapallar, Chile. The arrow alone was change enough and quickly became the BIG word around town!
k24c by StephieTevkifhane Sokak, Istanbul, TurkeyHes sitting alone, in the most beautiful city in the world. I envy him.
23zm by h0useBerlin, GermanyThe face is unfamiliar but in her eyes I recognize the photos of my friend, personal archeology on city walls. In Berlin, no less.
2j0m by GlansRoskilde Festival, Dyreskuepladsen, Roskilde, DenmarkThis is one of the tolet installations at RF. About 70.000 people has to share these toilets and theat means...come in good time!!
ma5t4 by h0useEast Colfax @ Cook, Denver, COit was the greatest gathering in the history of gatherings.
n7v6 by passitonParadisgade 79, Århus C, Jylland, DenmarkFilmen -Bang Bang Orangutang- kan varmt anbefales!!
p645 by zuzkaSeverna Basta, Bardejov, Slovakiatanks bear witness to poetry performances, military structures transformed to bars and cafes. a trend worth exporting worldwide.
p9p07 by randalcDemocracy Island, SecondlifeThis is the welcome area to Democracy Island. This is the first SMS based metatag placed inside Second Life. The crossplatform aplication is the innovation.
pb0h by h0useBerlin, Germanyinsert polemic Yellow Arrow manifesto here ...
pfhe by ninkaEsperanza, Esperanza, Vierques, Puerto Ricothe beautiful house i stayed in in Esperanza, Vierques, Puerto Rico
pm381 by jshapesRue Pajol, Paris, FranceThe streets speak.
pmp26 by h0useEast Colfax @ Ivanhoe, Denver, COlong ago I walked in and the guy looked up and said: sticky fingers is bad karma. I rubbed them together, but they seemed fine to me.
1uzq by jshapesKlapparstígur 31, Reykjavik, IcelandSitting on this bench. Headaching from last nights Sirkus. Why a palm tree? And why is there another palm tree down the block?
qub9 by VinalIskcon Temple, Bangalore, Karnataka, IndiaFinally. first from india!! it was tough to decide the first. but india and religion go hand in hand. so Iskcon in bangalore.
t1272 by sirHCBedford Avenue @ North 7th, Brooklyn, NYDays just locked here, small bike with a duck-tape banana seat. It seemed to say
t2at9 by new612416 Broadway, Manhattan, NYOne second a man was dancing with a chair in his mouth, the next moment a beer bottled exploded on my stomach. Madness and music.
t2dw6 by new612968 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, NYMade with a Large Flour Tortilla: Rice, Beans, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese, Salad and Sausage Pastor Carnitas. $6.50
t2ja0 by new612Avenue C @ East 7th Street, Manhattan, NYNow only our tomorrows/Will tell if that arrow/Of love with a head/Of art penetrates into/Higher dimensions. Miguel Algarin.
t2pp6 by new612Elizabeth2bst2bat2bprince2bst, Manhattan, NYMy girlfriend and I had our first date here 2 and a half years ago. It's Cafe Habana and it's still one of our favorite places.
t301g by cook14th @ 8th Avenue L Train 8206, Manhattan, NYPatriotism is a costume, and even our subways wear it. L Train #8206
u3cw by GlansCollins Avenue @ 14 Street, Miami South Beach, FloridaIn the heart of south beach u find a lot of good places to eat but la sandwicherie is one of the most laid back places with good
uc0u by GlansPlaza De La Revolution, Havana, CubaThis is Che as you all know. Opposit is the Plaza de la Revolution where Fidel Castro (aka.FC) has all his speeches to the people
w31a0 by h0useRicardson @ North Henry, Brooklyn, NYIt's my sky in the city
0itz by h0useLundbystrand, Göteborg, SwedenWhatever sounds arise as the objects of the ears, all sounds, pleasant or unpleasant, just leave them in the natural state of empty sound free from thought.
Participant Inc, NYC
2004 May

Design and the Elastic Mind
2008 February

7535 arrows, placed in 467 cities in 35 countries
A harbinger of the "geospatial web," Yellow Arrow began in 2004 as a street art project on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, eventually growing to include participants in 38 countries around the world. The project prefigured Google Maps, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, and geo-locative applications on smartphones by suggesting that social software, coupled with mobile devices and photography, could serve to radically redefine our conception of place. Stanford archaeologist and cultural theorist Michael Shanks writes that Yellow Arrow was an early example of "deep mapping cultural experience - a cartography of the intimate, the everyday, the monumental, the ephemeral, the epochal."

From the original site: "Participants place uniquely-coded Yellow Arrow stickers to draw attention to different locations and objects - whether a back-alley mural, a favorite dive bar, or a new perspective on a classic landmark. By sending an SMS from a mobile phone to the Yellow Arrow phone number beginning with the arrow's unique code, Yellow Arrow authors essentially save a thought on the spot where they place their sticker. Messages range from short poetic fragments to personal stories to game-like prompts to action. When another person encounters the Yellow Arrow, he or she sends its code to the Yellow Arrow number and receives the message on their mobile phone. They can then reply to send a message to the author. The website extends this location-based exchange, by allowing participants to annotate their arrows with photos and maps in the online gallery of Yellow Arrows placed throughout the world. By collecting and sharing places of personal significance, this public collaboration expresses the unique characteristics, personal histories, and hidden secrets that live within our everyday spaces."

Along the way, Yellow Arrow incorporated many side projects and collaborations. These included: Capitol of Punk, an SMS and video tour of the 80s DC hardcore scene; South Harbor Voices, an initiative by Urban Task Force, an NGO in Copenhagen, working with mayoral candidates on urban revitalization; Guerilla Map Innsbruck, an investigation into alternative architecture in Austria conducted by Studio1; The Secret New York, featuring audio content by neighborhood characters marked by giant glowing Yellow Arrow sculptures; Clubarchaeology, by Posttourismusbüro in Berlin, documenting vanished nightlife; UrbanAdventours, a series of alternative trips in Boston by a local bike company; Heimat, exercises in the creative definition of 'home' by the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany; Art Basel, a counter-exhibition on the streets of Miami and Basel, Switzerland; and Design Helsinki, a bottom-up curation of the design district. In 2006, the project was suspended, and all content was archived on Flickr.

The real revolutionary media were the walls and their speech, the silk-screen posters and the handpainted notices, the street where speech began and was exchanged - everything that was an immediate inscription, given and turned, spoken and answered, mobile in the same space and time, reciprocal and antagonistic. The street is, in this sense, the alternative and subversive form of the mass media, since it isn't, like the latter, an objectified support for answerless messages, a transmission system at a distance. It is the frayed space of the symbolic exchange of speech - ephemeral, mortal. — Baudrillard
Christopher Allen,  Brian House,  Jesse Shapins
Mohammed Abdul-Sattar,  Bill Ballou,  Lindsay Cook,  Dan Check,  Michael Counts,  Elizabeth Ellis,  Brian Fehd,  Tim Flateman,  Geoffrey Guinta,  Purva Mande,  Jamie McElhinney,  Kara Oehler,  Nathan Phillips,  Howard Pyle,  Karenne Rossi,  George Surovov,  David Taylor,  Tomas Vengris,  Erin Wilson
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Sidney Blank,  Sertan Girgin,  Adam Mosseri,  Marco Raab,  Jean-Marc
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