Brian House - Metric Displacement - 1 Brian House - Metric Displacement - 2 Brian House - Metric Displacement - 3 Brian House - Metric Displacement - 4
Metric Displacement (2021)
Bern, Providence, Portland
w/ Annie Aries and Marcel Zaes

Three electronic musicians, quarantined in different cities across the globe, record a series of short rhythmic loops. Each loop is subsequently cut into a lock groove on a vinyl record and played back on a turntable in each location. Video and audio from the turntables are streamed to a Zoom meeting so that the rhythms can be heard together, but only as transformed by the temporal distortions inherent to Zoom and to online relationships in general. Each day, new lock grooves are selected after the previous ones begin to physically degrade from continuous playback.

Support: Swissnex San Francisco, Gray Area, Lewis & Clark College, Brown University, Hochschule der K√ľnste Bern. Thanks: Mary Ellyn Johnson, Inga Chinilina.