Multitudes (2000s)
w/ Pat Foley & Alex Lambert

“The writhing, noisily precise post-hardcore of Brooklyn’s Multitudes would have sounded right at home on SST in the mid-’80s, when bands like Black Flag, the Minutemen, and Saccharine Trust were mashing up punk and jazz and coming up with their own fiery response to mainstream fusion.”—Time Out New York

Guitar: Pat Foley. Bass: Brian House. Drums: Alex Lambert. Recording: Colin Marston, Brian House. Mastering: Hebda Kadry. Art: Jacob Feige. Thanks: Daniel Carter, Fritz Welch, Mike Pride, Talibam!, Noxious Foxes, Weasel Walter, Colin Langenus, Live Footage, Cocaine and Abel, STATS, Ball Governor, Ahleuchatistas.