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Quotidian Record

Quotidian Record is a limited edition vinyl recording that interprets a continuous year of my location-tracking data. Each place I visited, from home to work, from a friend’s apartment to a foreign city, is mapped to a harmonic relationship. 1 day is 1 revolution ... 365 days is ~11 minutes.

As the record turns, the markings on the surface indicate both the time as it rotates through every 24 hours and the names of the cities to which I travel. The sound suggests that our habitual patterns have inherent musical qualities and that daily rhythms might form an emergent portrait of an individual.

As physical vinyl, Quotidian Record may be collected and fetishized, connecting the value of data today with music culture. It provides an expressive, embodied, and even nostalgic alternative to the narratives of classification and control typical of state and corporate data infrastructure.

Design and production: Greg Mihalko / Partner & Partners. Vinyl production: Ted Riederer / Never Records. Mastering: Nik Levinsky. Camera: Artur Ratton. Support: Eyebeam. Thanks: The New York Times Company Research and Development Lab.